New Era Internship

New Era School extends an on-campus career planning and recruitment consultancy service under the umbrella of Directorate of Promotion & Placements through its ISC (Internship Cell).

Our Vision

Enable our students become sought-after human capital in a Global Market.

Our Mission

To develop students into successful Professionals and effective Agents of Change


ISC acts as a bridge between our Students and employers. The cell facilitates the recruitment and job placements by providing convenient and speedy access to all stake-holders including Students. The Cell is committed to providing scalable and efficient solutions in matching the talent-pool of fresh and experienced employers. The services offered by the cell enable access to information and opportunities and acts as a window to reach-out to NEG students and vice-a-versa. It assists organizations in elevating their HR Brand to prominence. Employers can avail a number of resources to position them as one of the sought-after employment destinations for NEG students . The Cell employs all available media including emails, sharing of students-profiles and postings via social media to execute this.

Our Services

The services offered by ISC (Internship Cell) are as follows:

1- Addressing Human Resource Requisitions of students.

2- Organizing Counseling Sessions for all students in New Era School

  • CV Building & Interview Skill Workshops.
  • Mock interview session for all senior students.

3- Maintaining NEG Campus Career Portal.

  • Approval of Job Postings by students.
  • Approval of User-accounts.
  • Resume Review.
  • Update Calendar of Events.

4- Moderating NEG Campus Career Portal Face book Career Page for Job Postings & Career Advice.

5-Arranging Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Assessments of students .

6-Supporting organizations to hold Corporate Profile Presentations and student Visits.

7-Hosting Employer Meet-ups for Feedback on Curricula and Resources.

8- Inviting students to hold On-campus Internship Fairs & Career Days.